RegalArkay Professional Photographic & Darkroom Equipment

For decades Arkay has manufactured the finest in darkroom sinks, film drying cabinets, print dryers and other professional quality darkroom and photographic accessories.  KHB Photografix is proud to to provide sales and service for Arkay products in Canada.  For more information on Arkay products, or for a quotation, please contact:

KHB Photografix
129 Hagar St., Unit #22
Welland, ON  L3B 5V9
Tel: (905) 734-4713

Index of Arkay Photo Products

Darkroom and Laboratory Sinks

- Premium Stainless Steel Processing Sinks

- Standard Stainless Steel Processing Sinks

- Economy Stainless Steel Processing Sinks

- Fiberglass Processing Sinks

- Stainless Steel Graphic Arts Processing Sinks

- Fiberglass Rack Cleaning Sinks

- Fiberglass Dual Purpose Sinks


- Stainless Steel Cut Film Developing Tanks

- Plastic Chemical Storage Tanks

Water Systems

- Temperature Control Regulators

- Supply Water Filter Package

Made To Order Cabinets and Shelves

- Stainless Steel Wall Storage Shelves

- Stainless Steel Countertops

- Wood Laminate Base and Wall Cabinets

- Wood Laminate Countertops

- Wood Laminate Enlarger Stations

Camera Stands

- Arkay Studio Stands


- Stainless Steel Graduates and Funnels

- Plastic Graduated Measures


- Film Drying Cabinets

- High Speed RC Print Dryers

- RC Filter Flow Air Print Dryer

- Drum-type Print Dryers

- Flat-Bed Print Dryers


- Stainless Steel Archival Print Washer

- Stainless Steel Rapid 16x20 Print Washer

Darkroom Doors

- Revolving Darkroom Doors

- Darkroom Door Seal Kits

- Reinforced Vinyl Laminated Block-Out Curtain


- Incandescent Safelights

- "Darkroom In Use" Signs

Processing Trays

- Stainless Steel Processing Trays

- Economy Plastic Processing Trays

Paper Safes

- Lite-Tite Film/Paper Safes

Fans & Louvers

- Air-No-Lite Exhaust Fans

- Pro-Lab Exhaust Fans

- Darkroom Air Louvers


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