Standard Stainless Steel Sinks

Arkay SQP Series Sink with optional stand and standpipe
Shown with backsplash, sink stand and standpipe


Arkay's Standard Stainless Steel Sinks are also constructed of 18 gauge Type 316 LC (low carbon) stainless steel. They are heliarc welded into one solid piece, then ground, polished and passivated to provide the ideal surface for photo chemicals.  They are lifetime undercoated for sound insulation and condensation prevention. Standard Stainless Steel Sinks are available in 6" or 10" depth in a full range of sizes from 18"x36" to 48"x120".  Custom sinks can be designed for unique or special applications.  A variety of options and accessories are available to maximize the convenience and utility of Arkay sinks.


- 9" high stainless steel backsplash
- 38" high sink stand in black vinyl-clad steel, stainless, or high pressure laminated wood
- (sink stand for 6" sinks can be modified for wheel chair access requirements)
- heavy duty reinforced storage shelf in stainless steel or black vinyl-clad steel
- undersink storage cabinet in steel, stainless, or high pressure laminated wood
- dimpled sink bottom
- factory installed plumbing packages
- welded partitions with drain
- side splash
- venting ports in the backsplash
- left and right hand drain/squeegee boards
- drain can be relocated from standard right rear location on request


- stainless steel duckboard
- PVC sink mat
- supply water filter package
- PVC overflow standpipe

Arkay Photo Processing Sink Catalogue PDF
(6 pages, 725KB, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)



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