Print Washers

Arkay Print Washers feature stainless steel construction for long life and easy maintenance.

Arkay Model-1 11x14 Archival Print Washer
1620-SW Rapid Print Washer
Accepts up to twelve 16"x20" prints.
       - stainless steel construction
- water jets on 3 levels keep prints
  separated and provide quick washing
- 1-1/2" stainless steel drain fitting
- uses 1 gallon of water per minute
- shipping weight 15 lbs.
Archival Print Washer
Available in 11"x14" size
- stainless steel tank for durability
- overflow design
- water flows between and around each print
- fast exchange of fresh water
- bottom port for draining hypo-laden water
Arkay 1620-SW Rapid Print Washer
Arkay 2024-PW Automatic Powered  Print Washer
2024-PW Automatic Powered Print Washer
Handles up to 125 8"x10" prints per load
- type 316 LC stainless steel construction
- gentle "tilt-rocking" tray action
- low 2 gallons per minute water flow
- continuous on, or automatic 60 min. cycle timer
- oil-sealed gear drive (no belts)
- 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 4 amps
- shipping weight 200 lbs.




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