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Chromega E
5"x7" Enlarger

Introduced: 1972
Discontinued: 2014


Super Chromega E Dichroic II 5x7 Enlarger

The Chromega E Dichroic II Enlarger was the latest in a long series of 5"x7" enlargers emanating from the large format enlargers first developed for the U.S. military during World War II.  As with the Chromega F, the condenser head was discontinued shortly after the colorheads became available.

Features include double inclined girders and geared elevation control. The dichroic lamphouse is of the same design as the Super Chromega D Dichroic, with a single 250w quartz-halogen lamp, thumbwheel filtration adjustment, white light switch, and interchangeable mixing chambers.

The appearance of the Chromega E Dichroic Enlarger has changed over the years. Early enlargers resembled the D6-XL, with plain aluminum rails, painted parts finished in grey, and the counterbalance springs mounted at the top of the column. Late production enlargers are finished in black, and the counterbalance springs have been relocated to the rear of the carriage.

Used Advice: Still fully serviceable, but square lens cones for longer focal length lenses have become scarce. Avoid the late production round substitutes which vignette the image.

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405-060 Chromega E Dichroic Enlarger   DR
405-063 Chromega E Dichroic II Enlarger  (see Components) O

Major Components

405-012 E Enlarger Chassis only  DL
405-815 Super Chromega E Dichroic Lamphouse (with power supply) DR
405-822 Super Chromega E Dichroic II Lamphouse (requires power supply) DL
412-021 Chromega Dichroic Lamphouse Power Supply, 120V DL
412-040 Chromegatrol - combination stabilized Power Supply and Timer DR
412-140 Chromegatrol II - combination stabilized Power Supply and Timer DL
404-812 Enlarger Baseboard 18"x34" DL
404-813 Extra Wide Enlarger Baseboard 31"x34" DL

Negative Carriers

423-514 13x18cm Glassless Sandwich Carrier DL
423-515 5"x7" Glassless Sandwich Carrier DL
423-516 Combination 5"x7"/13x18cm Glass Sandwich Carrier DL
423-517 Panoramic 2"x7" Glass Carrier DL
429-133 Adapter to allow use of all D series glassless sandwich negative carriers DL
429-093 Masking Adapter DL
473-086 Replacement Glass for 423-516 Carrier DL

Lens Mounts

421-158 Cone for 100mm Componon-S D
421-170 Flat Mount for 50-90mm lenses  DL
421-171 " Cone for 105mm lenses  DL
421-172 2" Cone for 135mm lenses  DL
421-173 3" Cone for 150mm lenses  DL
421-174 Square 6-1/8" Cone for 210mm lenses D
421-176 Square 5" Cone for 180mm lenses D

Lens Discs

421-000 Flat Blank Lens Disc DL
421-001 Flat Lens Disc with 39mm hole DL
421-002 Flat Lens Disc with 32.5mm hole DL
421-003 Flat Lens Disc with 25mm hole DL
421-008 Flat Lens Disc with 50mm hole DL
421-013 Flat Lens Disc, Threaded for 39mm Leica thread DL
421-015 Lens Disc for 180mm Componon D
421-022 Flat Lens Disc with 42mm hole DL
421-023 Lens Disc for 180mm Componon-S DL
421-054 Flat lens Disc with 52mm hole DL
421-024 For 210mm Componon-S DL
421-055 Flat Lens Disc with 62mm hole DL
421-010 39mm Leica thread Lock Ring DL
421-014 50mm threaded Lock Ring DL


404-841 Solid State Plug-in Voltage Stabilizer for 412-021 DL
413-002 Heavy Duty Enlarging Table 30"x40"  (see 429-903) O
429-004 Red Safety Filter  (use with 429-029 or 429-027) DL
429-027 Under Lens Filter Holder  (adjustable type)  (includes red filter) DL
429-029 Under Lens Filter Holder for red and variable contrast filters DL
429-070 Horizontal Projection Attachment  (for mural size enlargements) DL
9-429-080# Micromega Dual Range Focusing Kit K
FFS5000 Flexible Focus Extension Kit for Micromega K
429-092 Heavy Duty Wall Mount  (to be used with wall brace) DL
429-097 Heavy Duty Wall Brace  (for maximum rigidity) DL
429-154 EE 5"x7" Light Multiplier  (replacement) DL
429-155 ED 4"x5" Light Multiplier DL
429-156 EB 2"x2" (6x7cm) Light Multiplier DL
429-173 Liner Kit for EB Light Multiplier  DL
429-174 Liner Kit  for ED Light Multiplier  DL
429-175 Liner Kit  for EE Light Multiplier  DL
429-903 Heavy Duty Enlarging Table 30"x40" DL
429-905 Floor Stand with 24"x30" Drop Table D
429-906 Floor Stand with 32"x42" Drop Table D
461-058 Footswitch for Chromegatrol DL
464-055 Flexible Focus Shaft D
 FFS3750 Flexible Focus Extension Kit K
479-027 Enlarger Alignment Tool DL
S05063 Chromega E Dichroic Enlarger Instruction Manual K


471-029 Quartz Halogen Reflector Lamp, 250W 22.5V C
471-031 Panel Lamp, 6W 120V C



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