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DV Condenser

Introduced: 195x
Discontinued: 2014

DV Condenser Lamphouse

The DV Condenser lamphouse is probably the type most familiar to Omega users,  having been in production for more than 50 years.  As well, quite a number of the older type lamphouses have been converted to DV specification using the DV Conversion kits.  While the basic design has not changed over all those years, there have been a number of cosmetic changes.  It has appeared in both black and grey trim, for instance, and the front label has changed numerous times over the years. 

The DV lamphouse has been sold with the D2, D3, D5, Super D6, Pro-Lab II and D5500 enlargers.  It originally had the same spring-loaded struts on the condenser door as the Zoom lamphouse, but this was abandoned long ago in favour of the simpler magnetic latch.

Used Advice:  Since the DV lamphouse had such a long production run, all parts for it are available.  Even old units that have been converted to DV can be easily serviced.  Used lamphouses should simply be checked to determine that they're in good working order and complete.




404-804 Omega DV Condenser Lamphouse  DR
404-818 Omega DV Condenser Lamphouse  DR
404-825 DV Universal Condenser Lamphouse  (without levers) DL


412-020 Exhaust Cooling Blower (for use with PH 213 lamp) D
429-052 DV Filter Holder  (accepts 5" square filters) DL
472-023 6" Double Condenser set  (replacement) DL
472-105 Single Condenser 411/16" dia., mounted for DV lamphouse DL
472-106 Single Condenser 6" dia. DL
473-005 Rectangular Opal Glass D
473-015 Rectangular Ground Glass D
473-103 Rectangular Heat Absorbing Glass DL


471-002 PH211 Opal Enlarger Lamp, 75W 120V C
471-003 PH212 Opal Enlarger Lamp, 150W 120V  (optional) C



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