Loupes, Magnifiers, and Focusers
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For decades the Tohkai Sangyo Company of Japan has been producing an extensive range of glass and optical products for scientific, photographic, and industrial applications. Their Peak brand of high quality loupes, magnifiers, and enlarging focusers are extremely well known to consumers around the world. KHB Photografix is proud to be a distributor of Peak products in Canada. To purchase any of these products, inquire at your nearest darkroom products retailer, or contact KHB Photografix.

Loupes & Magnifiers

PK2038 - Loupe 4X
A high resolution 4X loupe with achromatic lens. Interchangeable translucent and solid black skirts are provided to ensure optimum performance with both ambient and transmitted light. The Peak 4X Loupe is the choice of many large format photographers for checking focus on the ground glass. Supplied with neck cord and lens cap.  51 x 51 x 65mm, 80g

PK1960 - Loupe 5X
An economy priced loupe for general use. It features a tall clear acrylic skirt providing  excellent illumination of the subject. 38mm X 65mm, 25g.

PK1006WZ3 - 6X Folding Magnifier  (Linen Tester)
A popular magnifier particularly due to it's very compact size when folded. It features a black finish zinc body and 2-element lens. 50mm x 40mm x 51mm
(unfolded), 63g.

PK2018 Loupe 8X  (35mm Loupe)
This very popular loupe is specifically designed to allow examination of the full image area of a 35mm negative or transparency without having to reposition the loupe. It features a large 3-element lens and clear rectangular skirt. Supplied with neck cord.  49 x 41 x 47mm, 54g

PK2032 - Plaloupe 10X
A light weight, economy priced, all-purpose magnifier of plastic construction with
2-element lens. 45mm x 40mm, 18g

PK1961 Loupe 10X
The Peak 10X Loupe features a Kellner type 2-element achromatic lens. This is a bright, sharp general purpose loupe, particularly suited to inspection of negatives. 
34.5mm x 41.5mm, 27.5g

PK1962 Loupe 15X
A higher magnification version of the 10X Loupe, the lens of the 15X loupe is a
3-element, 2-group design, providing excellent sharpness and contrast. 
36mm x 34.5mm, 18.5g

Enlarging Focusers

Even the finest enlarging lens cannot produce a sharp print if not focused accurately. Peak Enlarging Focusers are recognized by darkroom professionals and enthusiasts world-wide as being the very best available. All models are based on the "aerial image" principle, which ensures a bright crisp image. The front surface mirrors prevent ghost images, and rectangular mirrors allow the focuser to be moved away from the image center. The fine quality eyepieces include adjustment for diopter correction. A special "BG" filter, included with the Type I Focuser, can use used for critical B&W printing to match the light visible for focusing to the spectral sensitivity of the photographic paper. 


Specification / Model

 Type I
Critical Focuser

Type II
Grain Focuser

Type III
Enlarging Focuser





Mirror Size

86 x 26mm

53 x 27mm

43 x 25mm

Max. Viewing Angle from Optical Axis




Eyepiece Construction

3 elements, 2 groups

4 elements, 3 groups

2 elements, 2 groups

Diopter Adjustment

-5 to +5

-5 to +10

-5 to +5

Body Construction

die-cast aluminum

reinforced resin


Mirror Cover

felt-lined, hinged

felt-lined, hinged



80 x160 x140mm

65 x 140 x140mm

65 x 140 x140mm





BG Filter





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