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KHB Photografix is the Canadian distributor for LPL enlargers and darkroom accessories. Our LPL Enlarger Guide is provided to assist you in selecting the enlarger and accessories to best meet your needs.  To purchase any of our quality LPL products, please contact your nearest darkroom products retailer, or KHB Photografix.

LPL Model 7452 4x5 enlarger
4x5 Enlargers


LPL C7700 Dichroic Colour Enlarger
7700 Enlargers


LPL 6600 Condenser Enlarger
  6700 Enlargers


LPL Model 3301D 35mm Enlarger
3301D Enlarger


LPL Enlarging Lenses


LPL 14x17 4-Blade Adjustable Easel


LPL ET-500 Digital Enlarging Timer with optional Footswitch


LPL Focus Scope II
Focus Scope




Tanks and Reels


Print Squeegee



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