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LPL 3301D Enlarger & Copy Stand

LPL 3301D 35mm Condenser Enlarger
LPL 3301D 35mm Condenser Enlarger


The LPL 3301D is a compact 35mm condenser enlarger ideal for darkrooms with limited space or temporary darkrooms. By simply removing the lamphouse and bellows assembly, the 3301D also functions as a compact copy stand for 35mm or digital cameras. A lamphouse filter drawer is provided to accommodate variable contrast B&W or colour printing filters. And the enlarger comes complete with 35mm negative carrier.


Features & Specifications

All metal construction with baked black finish

Friction drive elevation and focus controls

Filter Drawer accepts 3"x3" colour printing or variable contrast filters

Column reverses for floor projection

Magnification Reference Scale on column

Fully laminated baseboard

Built-in 39mm threaded lensboard

Converts to Copy Stand

75W Opal Enlarging Lamp

35mm Negative Carrier included 

Film Format:


Max. Magnification on baseboard - 35mm neg with 50mm lens:


Column Height: 

22" (55cm)

Maximum Height  (with carriage fully extended):

29" (74cm)

Baseboard Dimensions:

12"x14" (30x36cm)

Weight (approx.):

9lbs. (4kg.)



03301 3301D 35mm Condenser Enlarger  with 35mm Negative Carrier C
03301K 3301D 35mm Condenser Enlarger with 50mm Lens and Neg. Carrier C

Negative Carriers

20701 35mm Glassless Negative Carrier  (replacement) C
20702 35mm Mounted Slide Carrier C



Red Filter Assembly  (replacement) C  


00138 PH211 75W 120V Opal Enlarging Lamp


00238 PF603 75W 220V Opal Enlarging Lamp



Legend: C - Current Item  
               DL -
Discontinued, but limited quantities still available  
               D -
Discontinued, item no longer available

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