Selecting the correct Omega D-series Lifting Lever Kit

The lamphouse lifting mechanism used on Omega D-series enlargers is relatively simple in construction, but due to the multiple revisions to lamphouses, chassis, and levers over the years, determining what is required to switch lamphouses or replace missing levers has been an exercise in frustration for many users.  To easily determine which of our Lifting Lever kits is required to mount a D-series condenser lamphouse or a Super Chromega D Dichroic lamphouse on a D-II, D-2, D-3, D-5, or D-6 chassis, simply follow these steps:

For a condenser lamphouse:
a) Place a negative carrier on the negative stage of the enlarger.
b) Place the condenser lamphouse on the negative carrier and center it on the carrier by adjusting the position of the lamphouse
    so the circular condenser lens housing lines up with the curved edges of the carrier.  
c) Measure the distance from the center of the lever mounting hole or slot in the side plates of the enlarger to the center of the
    mounting point on the lamphouse as shown below. This distance should be either approximately 3 inches, or 4 inches.


Figure 1 - 4" offset

Figure 2 - 3" offset

d) Once you know the offset measurement, choose the appropriate kit:
       Condenser Lever Arm Kit with 3" offset Lifting Arms
       Condenser Lever Arm Kit with 4" offset Lifting Arms

Note: From the pictures above it can be seen that the mounting bracket on the condenser lamphouse has two potential positions. You may encounter a lamphouse that has only one set of mounting holes for the bracket. The forward position is required for D2 and D3 enlargers, and is preferred for D5 and D6 enlargers. If your combination of lamphouse and chassis has an offset measurement of other than 3 or 4 inches, please contact us for additional options.


For the Super Chromega D Dichroic lamphouse:
       For D-2, D-II, and D-3 chassis (square hole in the film stage) choose the Dichroic Lever Arm Kit with 3" offset Lifting Arms
       For D-5 and D-6 chassis (round hole in the film stage) choose the Dichroic Lever Arm Kit with 4" offset Lifting Arms
If you are not sure which chassis you are dealing with, center the opening on the bottom of the lamphouse on the negative stage and measure the offset distance as described above for the condenser lamphouse.

Note regarding D-4 enlargers: These kits as supplied will NOT fit an Omega D-4 chassis. If you require a Lifting Lever Kit for a D-4 chassis, we can modify the appropriate lever kit to fit the D-4. 

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