Some of the terms and names used on this site may not be familiar to everyone.  To help avoid confusion, we provide this glossary to explain any items which you might be wondering about.

Glossary of Terms

Bench model
enlargers are normally placed on a table or work bench. These models come complete with mounted baseboard, and feature "front of baseboard controls."  They are more portable than other types, but maximum enlargement size is restricted by comparison.

Cathomag is the DeVere cold cathode diffused light source for black and white printing. Commonly referred to as a "cold light head," it suppresses dust and negative blemishes.

Closed Loop refers to an advanced version of the Dichromat colour heads in which the system automatically detects and corrects for changes in the colour and intensity of the lamps, and movement of the filters is microprocessor controlled.  This system provides highly accurate filtration settings and maximum print repeatability through lamp changes and when working from recorded exposure data. The need for fewer test prints ensures greater productivity. 

Dichromat is the DeVere diffused colour light source featuring fade-free cyan, magenta, and yellow dichroic filters for subtractive colour printing. Interchangeable light collecting boxes are available to concentrate light output for smaller film formats.

Difcon is a diffusion light source for black and white printing based on the Dichromat head, producing results similar to the Cathomag cold light head.

Floorstanding model enlargers are mounted on a base section which contains a drop table with a baseboard, and feature "front of baseboard controls."

Front of baseboard controls -  hand wheels mounted at the front of the baseboard are used to control elevation and focus. The controls are always at a convenient position for the operator regardless of the position of the enlarger head.

Horizontal enlargers project the image onto a wall or projection board. These models are principally used for mural size enlargements and run along track installed on the floor. Adjustment of enlargement size is accomplished by moving the enlarger closer or further away from the target area, using the lens movement for small adjustments and focus. Restricted only by the size of the room and the length of track, horizontal enlargers thus provide far greater enlargement capability than vertical enlargers. 

Multi-condenser refers to the condenser light source, designed and manufactured by Rodenstock, for the horizontal enlargers. These lamphouses utilize four main condenser lenses, with supplementary lenses available to accommodate formats smaller than 4"x5".

Point source is a high intensity focused light source design used for high contrast work such as microfilm, engineering drawings, electron microscope negatives, Ektalith printing, etc.

Varicon is the condenser light source for the vertical enlargers featuring interchangeable condenser lenses manufactured by Rodenstock. The Varicon lamphouse can be converted to Point Source configuration by removing the top portion of the head and substituting the optional point source unit.

Varicontrast lamphouses feature adjustable dichroic filtration for use with Kodak Polycontrast, Ilford Multigrade, and other black and white variable contrast papers. Based on the Dichromat design, they also use tungsten-halogen lamps.

Wall model enlargers are intended to be mounted on a firm wall structure and project the image to a freestanding table or moveable roll easel. This system features controls mounted on the chassis itself, and is advantageous when larger prints are required than can normally be made with the use of a fixed baseboard or when multiple paper handling systems are to be used.

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