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For decades DeVere has been renown for precision engineered, ruggedly built, professional enlarging equipment. KHB Photografix is proud to be the primary source in North America of service and parts for this prestigious line.  With specialized engineering and electronics expertise, in addition to years of experience selling and servicing darkroom equipment, KHB Photografix is uniquely qualified to provide outstanding service to DeVere customers.  Our DeVere specialist is factory trained, and has been representing DeVere in Canada and the USA for more than 17 years. 

This website is part of our service - a convenient reference of DeVere products and accessories.  On the individual product pages, we have indicated the current availability of items according to the following legend.  Please note that a number of items do not have a status indicated - please check with us for current availability of these products. 


Current production and readily available 


Discontinued - no new stock is available


Discontinued but limited quantities are still available


Discontinued but replaced by a later item


Obsolete catalogue number - check other listing numbers

We've attempted to provide information as complete and accurate as possible, but know that there will be some errors and omissions.  If you find any, or wish to report problems with the site, or submit additional information, please send a message to: webmaster@khbphotografix.com

All items on this site that are indicated as "Current" and "limited quantities" are available through KHB Photografix.  We're also the source for professionally refurbished pre-owned DeVere enlargers and quality used accessories.  Please refer to our main website for contact and ordering information, as well as a list of the used equipment currently in stock.  Or contact us now at devere@khbphotografix.com.

We can also provide copies of User Guides/Instruction Manuals for the enlargers featured on this site.  Please click here for a list of the DeVere manuals available.

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