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DeVere 504 DS Digital Enlarger

The DeVere 504 DS has been  specifically designed to provide a convenient means for printing high quality colour and B&W digital images on conventional photographic materials.  

A computer running custom software creates a "virtual negative" which can be projected, sized, exposed and processed in the traditional manner.  The image is formed on a high resolution LCD panel which replaces the traditional negative carrier.  An LED lightsource provides the required illumination for exposure. The chassis itself is based on the renown DeVere 504.  Depending on the quality of the digital image, the 504 DS is capable of producing prints up to 20"x24".

Images can be entered by multiple means - film scanner, Flash card, CD, etc.  Software packages designed for school, sports, wedding photography, etc., are included, and the software can be further customized to meet individual needs.  Since the computer station can be networked, the operator need not be in the same room with the enlarger.  With the addition of a roll easel, multiple printing becomes available for a run of prints or printing complete orders.

Despite it's relatively short time in the marketplace, there have already been a number of refinements and improvements to the 504DS system. In fall 2004, a new compact LED lightsource replaced the original Digi-Lite lamphouse shown in the picture above. And the original 7.7 megapixel LCD panel has been superceded by a 17.2 megapixel panel, further enhancing image quality.

The DeVere 504 DS is supplied as a complete system comprising chassis, LED lightsource, 17.2 mega pixel LCD panel, Rodagon enlarging lens, Pentium 4 computer, custom software, and all required cables and connectors.  Bench, extended bench, and wall mount configurations are available.

504 DS Digital Enlarger

01-500 Bench Enlarger    (24"x24" baseboard) C
01-502 Extended Bench Enlarger    (24"x30" baseboard) C
01-501 Wall Mount Enlarger    (without baseboard) C



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